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Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Concierge medical practices do not take the place of health insurance coverage. You should continue your PPO, Medicare or other insurance coverage.

Are you a provider for Medicare?

Yes. I am a Participating Provider for Medicare and will bill Medicare on your behalf, as required by law.

What are the fees?

The annual fee averages $5000 per adult and $1500 per dependent child under 21 years of age. The individual fee can sometimes be more, sometimes less depending on individual circumstances (e.g. if entire family is joining, if spouse is joining, if significantly higher level of care is anticipated, etc.). The introductory visit with Dr. Yatteau is a good time to bring up any questions regarding fees.

What exactly is covered by the membership fee? What services are billed to insurance?

The annual membership fee specifically covers those services listed under the Wellness and Consultancy Program in the brochure and contract, but the fee also indirectly powers the patient advocacy and VIP services. Problem-based visits, urgent care, hospital visits, house calls, most supplies and immunizations, and visits for chronic or episodic problems/concerns are generally billed to insurance, just like standard medical practices do. Patient/Member remains responsible for any copayments, deductibles, etc. required by their insurance carrier for such visits.

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Do you have payment plans?

Yes. Most patients pay the annual fee in one lump sum at the beginning of their membership year. This is especially true the first year insofar as the doctor typically performs many of the major concierge services (comprehensive exam, review of past records, formulation of a health and wellness plan, etc.) early in the year before the practice has a track record for timely or completed payments. After the first year payment you have the opportunity to pay in one, two or three installments.

Is my concierge fee tax deductible?

Your fee may be reimbursable from a HealthCare Reimbursement Account, Health Savings Account and as such may be tax deductible, but you are advised to consult with your tax consultant or accountant.

Can I use my Health Savings Account?

You should be able to apply funds in your HSA to most if not all services and supplies provided to you. However, again, you are advised to consult with your tax consultant or accountant.

Can I submit my annual fee to my insurance co. for reimbursement?

Most standard health insurance carriers do not pay for the membership fees; however, some types of health coverage do, so check with Dr. Yatteau’s front office at the time of your introductory visit to the office.

Insurance coverage for routine and episodic visits?

The office will continue to bill you or your insurance company for routine visits normally billed by doctors’ offices. The membership fee does not cover these services.

What about lab, X-ray, specialists' fees and hospitalization?

These costs are neither covered by your membership fee, nor billed by Dr. Yatteau’s office. Your membership fee covers your Comprehensive Wellness Exam and specialized services of Dr. Yatteau. All other services will be billed by the healthcare entity performing the services and should be covered as “in-network” benefits. You should check with your insurance company directly regarding these services.

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What about prescription medicines?

Prescription medications are the patients’ responsibility and are usually covered by their insurance plans. Dr. Yatteau works with you to get the most optimal coverage of prescriptions possible under your health plan coverage.

What happens if I have an Emergency?

For a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or go to your nearest ER, but call Dr. Yatteau (or have a family member call) as soon as possible so he can quickly step in to provide and coordinate appropriate medical care and referrals. For non-life-threatening emergencies (i.e., urgent care), do call Dr. Yatteau first, either at the office or directly using his pager or cell phone numbers which you receive on joining the practice. Do not use email to inform or contact Dr. Yatteau about an urgent or emergent problem you are having.

Who provides medical coverage when you're not available?

In the event that Dr. Yatteau is unavailable due to illness or vacation, your care will be reasonably and professionally handled by his office staff, direct contact by pager or cell phone or by the use of local competent colleagues.

Can I get a refund if I terminate my relationship early?

Not in the first year once one or more of the major concierge services have been rendered. Thereafter, a refund will be granted at the discretion of the doctor. Any refunds granted will be prorated based on the number of months service in the given year less the value of specific concierge services rendered.

Is there a contract that spells out what services I will get?

Yes, there is a contract you and Dr. Yatteau both sign listing the services you get and the payment terms. Dr. Yatteau believes every patient should have a written agreement that prioritizes their relationship with their doctor. Unfortunately, as it stands, the only agreements doctors usually sign these days are those with big insurance companies or a corporate owner of their practice or other large conglomerate. Without a counterbalancing contract with the patient, these contracts can end up dictating or otherwise shaping or limiting your care.