The Concierge Medical Practice of Thomas Yatteau, MD

Welcome to the Next Generation in Personal Physician Services

As one of a limited number of patients, you will find a level of service unmatched by most medical practices. Waiting room times will become a thing of the past. Most importantly, your visit will not be rushed; ample time is set aside for every regularly scheduled appointment. You will have access to the doctor around the clock by virtue of having his pager and cell phone numbers in addition to the main office phone number; he can be reached from wherever you are, whenever you need him most.

“As a concierge physician I have fused today’s technology with the warmth, dignity and simple personal touches every patient deserves. The practice is deliberately limited to a small number of patients to allow for more time and an unprecedented level of service at each visit.”

Dr. Thomas Yatteau, Sonoma County's Concierge Physician

"Dr. Yatteau takes care of 3 generations of my family. He is quite simply the best physician we've ever had. When someone in the family is ill, whether it's my children or my mother, I don't have to wait to talk with Dr. Yatteau. I don't have to worry and that’s worth a million bucks!

Having him behind me and our family 24/7 is priceless!! He is awesome!"

- Jen Woodbury; mother, wife, daughter, businesswoman

"Dr. Yatteau has an excellent reputation amongst nurses for the care they see him give his patients in the hospital. I feel very fortunate having him as my doctor. He always seems to be available and I never feel like I’ve bothered him when I call.

Because I feel very comfortable with him, I'm therefore able to discuss anything with him."

- Sue Hicks, Registered Nurse

"My husband and I have been with Dr. Yatteau for 3 years and have been impressed by his thoroughness and professionalism. He takes his time and really listens to us. He calls back to check on us and always gets to the bottom of what's going on. We feel he really cares about us."

- Carroll and Al Dallara

"Dr. Yatteau has been my doctor for I don't remember how long. When I was having problems with bad headaches, I went to see Tom. I was very impressed with him as a physician from the start. He helped find the answers to my headaches and didn't hesitate in referring me for additional help with my diagnosis and treatment. My wife and I always know we can count on Dr. Yatteau to help fix whatever medical issue we have."

- Steve Geney, President, North Bay Construction

"Dr. Yatteau is exceedingly thorough as a physician and always follows through when I have a medical issue. He is a unique physician - a rare bird/good find. I know he is genuinely concerned about my health."

- Gary Gustafson, Sonoma Saw

"Pharmacists and doctors are sticklers when it comes to their medical care. I've learned that Dr. Yatteau is a good intuitive doctor - he picks up on things that are going on. Some physicians know medicine but may not understand what's really going on.

He's as thorough as any academic physician I've had experience with.

He treats me well when I see him as an individual. On those occasions when my wife and I see him together, he instinctively knows how to treat us as a couple."

- David Henry, Pharmacist

"Dr. Yatteau is sensitive and honest in nature - he's not uncomfortable talking about any issues I might bring up with him.

He will give me honest feedback on my medical situation.

Dr. Yatteau is good at finding solutions that work for me personally."

- Kay Henry, Retired RN